How it works

Estimates can be made on site or by email images to establish how much material is required for the piece of furniture and the labour cost of the reupholstery. Each estimate is done on an individual basis and ensures that costs are kept to a minimum without purchasing surplus material etc.

Collections and deliveries are made twice a week into London and within the M25 on a regular basis by our own staff and regional deliveries are made by arrangement. Also, our site can cope with large pickups and deliveries from shippers.

From pick up to delivery is normally within two weeks. When dropping off or collecting furniture ISR tries to operate where possible within prearranged narrow time slots. Our boys are very comfortable with handling furniture in tricky situations.

We are fully insured and we do not keep any furniture in the vans overnight. A completed piece of reupholstered furniture is returned cling wrapped to keep it in pristine condition.

We have worked with many of our clients for years and we value giving everyone a high level of service.